Renunţă la mintea care gândeşte în proză; trezeşte alt gen de minte care gândeşte poetic. Lasă-ţi deoparte priceperea la silogisme; cântecul lasă-l să-ţi fie mod de viaţă. Treci de la intelect la intuiţie, de la cap la inimă, pentru că inima e mai aproape de mistere. - Osho

joi, 12 septembrie 2013

The secret of a powerful man

The secret of a powerful man is that he is a pillar of consciousness who is able to contain all the contradictions of life and remain centred. This begins by him accepting his power and his vulnerability together in the same moment. He accepts his animal instinct as well as his intellectual refinement. He is thus able to hold a woman who is the very embodiment of contradictions. She is Shakti, containing all the varied and liquid forms of feminine nature. Ruled by the moon, she changes with the ebb and flow of the tides. Her orgasm catapults her beyond mind, into transcendent reality. The greatest gift for the man happens when he is able to be the pure fire of awareness, Shiva, holding Shakti as she lets go into multi orgasmic splendour.

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