Renunţă la mintea care gândeşte în proză; trezeşte alt gen de minte care gândeşte poetic. Lasă-ţi deoparte priceperea la silogisme; cântecul lasă-l să-ţi fie mod de viaţă. Treci de la intelect la intuiţie, de la cap la inimă, pentru că inima e mai aproape de mistere. - Osho

duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

OSHO: Being In Love

OSHO...Sex is not always love. You may be very intense in your sexuality but once your sexual drive is fulfilled, the intensity is gone. Meanwhile, love may not look so intense but it's sincere, so that intensity continues. Being truly in love has a timeless quality, so it's always intense. Therefore, if you're insincere, you can't be always intense. Only for a fleeting moment can you be intense; i.e., when the desire arises you're intense. It's not true intensity. It's just enforced by the desire.

Love creatively refines sexual energy, so when love reaches perfection, absence of sex automatically follows. A life of love, while abstaining from physical pleasures is called brahmacharya. Anyone who wishes to be free from sex must fully develop his capacity to love. Freedom from sex cannot be achieved through suppression. Liberation from sex is only possible through love.

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